Basal Implantology also known as Bi-cortical implantology is considered as a revolution in the field of  Implantology.  These implants are placed in the cortical bone (hardest bone) which is present at the base of the jaw bones. The cellular action which manifests in the basal bone conserves it from the atrophy of the bone tissue even in the absence of a tooth. Therefore the fundamental asset of the basal implants is, that it can be used in cases where the bone has resorbed drastically or where there is severe atrophy of bone because of some infection or long term absence of teeth

These are made of Biocompatible Titanium alloy and is a single entity. The basal bone used for anchoring these implants is highly mineralized and has high rate of regeneration capacity making it the absolute choice for implant placement. This bone assures guaranteed integration and allows immediate loading. These implants can be inserted without opening the flap or gum tissue and therefore this technique is also known as flap less technique of implant placement, these are more stable since they are anchored in the basal bone which is highly mineralized and more sterile as it is located, by far from the infection zone and caters much needed sturdiness to the implant. These implants are also known as implantation per protocol of immediate load as they can be loaded immediately and capability of mastication can be redeemed instantly i.e. 3rd day of implantation.


Basal implants are of two types:

Lateral basal implants (BOI IMPLANTS): These have wider horizontal plane and reduced vertical height and lodged laterally and are employed where there is deficiency in the height of the bone and engages lateral  cortical walls of  the jaw bone.

Basal compression screws (BCS): These have wide thread for cortical invasion and employs the bone beyond the apex of the former tooth root but , both the implants engage the cortex which administers a safe dispersion of  masticatory pressure as they exercise thrust on the cortical bone.


These are considered as a revolution in the field of implantology as there is no window period for the implants to settle down.

Can be placed in severely atrophied maxilla and mandible.Single visit technique, therefore less time consuming.Advised in Diabetic, Hypertensive patients and also in Smokers.

No risk of peri implantitis or loss of bone around the implant as it is a single entity.

Post operative specifications for oral hygiene of the patient are less grievous because of the defiance of the basal bone.

These are the implants of first choice in considerate or serious incidences of jaw atrophy and where patients desire immediate restoration of masticatory forces.

No expensive bone augmentation or traumatic sinus lift procedures are required there by reducing the probable complications of implantation.

People with osteoporosis are also candidates for immediate loading basal implantation.

These are also affordable implants as they are priced very less when compared to the conventional implants as it is a single entity and also because of the reduced treatment stages